Sunday, 20 February 2011

Comparing blogging tools

Well, I've had the luxury of building Manila blogs in-house at Yukon College for the last 10 years...I've also explored Blogger in the past (very slow service a few years back) and Wordpress and some half-baked efforts without our new learning management system.

I used to love the Jotspot wiki tool years back until Google swallowed it and regurgitated something I didn't really like. I'm experimenting with Google web pages to host my coverage of open content, open learning. So far it's somewhat awkward (flat and not too interesting) but I have moved most of my important links and resources over.

My Wordpress blog is all about exploring the Internet and educational resources and any kind of online learning that interests me. The main blog part is where I really follow my nose and cover news from art and design, organic farming, my current social activist heroes, whatever.

I think I'll test this blog tool by talking about exploring what it means to live in the North (if you can really consider Whitehorse the North. So far the Blogger tool is responding faster than it used to...

Do you think Google will inherit the earth? They certainly know a lot about a lot of things and people.

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