Sunday, 3 July 2011

Always out of step it seems!

I heard about Ray Schroeder's MOOC (through the Twitterverse I think) and Diigo'd it while down south on a training course (planning to sign up as soon as I got back. But, as per usual, between trying to get work caught up before my summer holidays and wrestling with the weeds in the back yard, I lost track of the start date.

Caught a posting on Stephen Downe's OLDaily list talking about Dave Cormier's thoughtful, slightly cranky post about MOOCs and Ray's in particular so I went to Ray's MOOC link and realized I was a week behind and, as I'm heading out on a canoe trip soon, unlikely to be able to catch up and participate. Darn! Late again!

But, I wanted to test out my Blogger blog (compare it to my experience of Wordpress) so I'll use that to collect and reflect on what interests me that they cover.

Hopefully I'll get back to it when I return. My brain may be mush by then - or mosquito-eaten.

More later  Sylvia

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