Tuesday, 6 September 2011

changemooc is starting next week!

I'm still browsing the postings from the previous eduMOOC2011 that Ray of the University of Illinois at Springfield coordinated. But I took a moment to poke at the course web site at http://change.mooc.ca and browse through the weekly presenters. Some interesting people have stepped forward to lead each week - I'm looking forward to it!

The first guest facilitator is Zoraini Wati Abas who works at the Faculty of Education & Languages, Malaysia Open University. I checked out her blog Eye on Learning and she's posted some older material about MOOCs -  a video of an interview of George Siemens by Howard Rheingold that describes the origin of the MOOC format(?) and two videos she created about MOOCs during her participation in the eduMOOC2011.

Stephen has just posted a history of MOOCs, part of his keynote presentation (MOOC: the Massive Open Online Course in Theory and Practice) to IV Innovar para Transcendar Simposio de la COMINAIC, Guadalajara, Mexico. 

I'm curious what areas each weekly facilitator will focus on - nothing on the course web site yet.


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