Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Thanks George for sharing your process

It's my day to work at home so I'm going to dive into all the reading, viewing and sharing that George and Stephen have posted.

I'm developing a map of my plan for network formation based on George's tips for how to learn in a MOOC - I'll post it when it's fleshed out a bit more. Creately  is a pretty-good online drawing tool but I'm not sure how far I can push my free account so I'm experimenting with embedding graphics to make the map more interesting.

Step 1:  What is my success? 
Mmmmmm.... last couple of MOOCs I tried, I got overwhelmed. Got behind on reading, lost track of who to follow and where to find them, started in one direction, got absorbed, followed another thread to another node, changed direction several times cuz something else sparked my interest, got hopelessly lost and didn't accomplish anything. As to George's exhortation to Create and Share or to Fix What's Missing (steps 6 and 7), the closest I came was to post on my blogs. Never made a video, never uploaded an audio recording or a creative graphic or photograph.

I will consider myself successful if:
  • I develop a broader, more diverse, interesting personal learning network
  • I participate in my PLN more consistently
  • I learn to share my learning in more visual ways
  • I find a way to make my learning meaningful to my teaching
Now to dive into the flow...

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